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Change of direction for Mastiff

With the diversity of access control equipment available in the market and the Company’s decision to provide services other than just Access Control, the emphasis on R&D projects was gradually reduced over time.

The 1980’s recession highlighted the cost of R&D and the decision was made to cease the design and manufacture of our own products.

Over many years the Company has built strong bonds with other manufacturers and distributors and so has shifted its expertise into providing systems integration and bespoke solutions for Access Control and CCTV.

In order to provide a more complete package, Mastiff now includes ID card solutions.

We have a strong reputation with our customers for being reliable and cost effective.

Established in 1970, designing the first “Hands Free” access control system in the UK. The Company name is due to the chief designer’s passion for breeding Old English Mastiff dogs.

The Company

Mastiff Electronic Systems Limited

Worting House, Church Lane,

Basingstoke, Hampshire

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