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Smart Cameras

Many major manufacturers are building analytics into their cameras or NVRS. Click on the link to see one of the current offerings from Hikvision.

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Hikvision ANPR solutions

Specialised IP cameras from Hikvision allow you to log the number plates of vehicles or control car park entry, all via the camera itself or via the Network recorder that the camera is connected to.

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SEE EVERYTHING with the new Vista 5MP fisheye camera

One camera with a 360° lens to give a complete all round view. Virtual Pan/Tilt?Zoom facility built in with no moving parts.

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XENO NITRO “Q” Range of HD Analogue Cameras

A new cost effective range of HD cameras and DVRs from XENO provide an easy upgrade path to HD images from older analogue (Co-ax) camera systems.

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CCTV equipment and IP devices in particular can have some form of analytics built in. This could be motion detection, object removal/introduction, counting, tracking or line crossing.

CCTV Analytics

Cameras are available pre-configured to specifically view and record number plates or to process the number plate information and link to other systems such as car park access control.

ANPR - Number Plate Recognition

Cameras and recording devices are connected on a LAN/WAN allowing live or recorded images to be viewed from any valid device with the correct network connection

IP Cameras and Recording

Cameras are wired direct to the recording unit and live or recorded images are viewed on a connected monitor or remotely using client viewing software.

Analogue Cameras and Recording

For monitoring a secure area, an entrance or vehicles on your site, CCTV is the obvious solution. The type of system you require may need a fair amount of consideration.

CCTV Solutions

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